The Lost Thing!

Team 10 have been investigating their new text in English today.


A lost thing arrived in class and we had to try and find out what it was made from. We then made our own lost things by combining man-made objects and animals to create mysterious creatures. We had lots of fun describing our lost thing and where they could be found!


School Council Elections!


What a fantastic campaigning week we have had!

Well done to all of the children in year 2 all the way up to year 6 who have been campaigning for their year groups votes!

Here are some of the eye-catching posters that have been put up around the school by the shortlisted candidates.

The shortlisted candidates have made it a very difficult decision by delivering such fantastic speeches during assembly today! I am incredibly proud of you all and thank you for making such an effort!

Everyone needs to get their thinking caps on over the weekend! Who do you think will be a brilliant representative for your year group? You have the power to decide!

Each class will go to the election booths to cast their votes on Monday morning!

Maths treasure hunt!

Today we went outside and used our knowledge of rounding numbers to 1,000,000 to solve problems and complete a maths treasure hunt. We had a great time and really put our mental maths abilities to the test.

We learnt a lot about team work, resilience and challenging ourselves today. Some of the problems were tricky tricky to solve but we worked hard in our pairs and we can’t wait for the next maths treasure hunt!

The Great Science Share

Today we took part in the Great Science Share!

We investigated the shape of the wand and the effect that it has on the shape of the bubble produced!

We found that the shape of the wand doesn’t effect the shape of the bubble produced as they were all circle. If we were to do the experiment again we might change the material of the wand or the products within the mixture!

Grimm Tales…

Team 10 have been investigating the language used in Grimm Tales and have produced their very own Grimm Tale using the relevant features!

They are all fantastic and are all very Grimm…

Today we presented our Grimm Tales.

Harry Potter Day!

What an amazing day we had!

Monday was the 20th anniversary of Harry Potter and we celebrated in style!

Our learning for the day was Harry Potter themed and we took part in a match of Quidditch!

It was so much fun and really inspired our learning!

Science Master Class!

Team 10 went to the MCMA to take part in a science master class! It was lots of fun conducting lots of different experiements to see if different materials were reversible or irreversible! We were also complimented on our brilliant behaviour and team work! Well done team 10!

Dance dance dance!

Another exciting danc session linking to our IPC topic ‘Mission to Mars’!

We have been learning lots of technical dance terms and incorporating them  into our dance routines! For example:

– gestures

– balances

– levels

– cannon

Different levels,

Walking in the sand storm,


Connecting shapes,

And balances!