Monthly Archives: September 2016

What an afternoon for an exciting science experiment!

In Science, Team 10 have been studying the interesting topic ‘Space and Earth’!

Today we were calculating ratios so that we could create our very own model of the solar system using … TOILET ROLL!

We looked at each of the planets and their average distance from the sun. Each sheet of toilet roll represented 20 million km.

Here are some pictures of Team 10 creating their model of the solar system before the rain started to arrive!!

P1160483 P1160484 P1160485 P1160487 P1160488

Team 10’s exciting hook to start our new and stimulating topics!

Today, Team 10 enjoyed their ‘hook’ lesson to begin their new and exciting topics!

We are combining our IPC topic ‘AD900’ with our English topic ‘Non-Chronological Comparative Reports’. As our end product in English Team 10 will produce a fantastic, interesting  and informative Non-Chronological Comparative Report on how lifestyles compare throughout different historical periods!

To get a taste of different historical periods, Team 10 visited different stations that gave them an insight into the various elements of daily life in different cultures!

Here are some of the amazing Roman helmets and Viking longship boats created by Team 10: