Monthly Archives: March 2017

School Council’s VIP visit to the Town Hall!

Today Charlestown’s school council went to visit Manchester Town Hall!

What an amazing experience it was!

We met the Lord Mayor who was extremely kind and a very interesting person to meet! He took us for a tour around his chambers and sat with us for tea and biscuits while we asked him questions and he asked us some questions about what our school council does!

Well done to Charlestown’s school council for representing the school brilliantly! 

Ice- cream makers!!

This afternoon Team 10 became Charlestown’s very own ice-cream men/ women!

We wanted to find out whether the amount of salt added to ice would affect the time it took for the ice-cream mixture to freeze!

For the first time for all of us, we made ice-cream in a bag! Easy to do and very quick, you could definitely do it at home!

We found out that the more salt you add to the ice cubes in the outer layer bag the quicker that the ice cream mixture freezes in the inside bag! 

Rail Safety!

This week we had a very interesting and important assembly from Matt!

It was all about being safe and not going onto train tracks!

For the next few weeks Matt will be coming into class to do lots of different activities with us!

What a great first session we have had! We had to answer questions about how to stay safe by playing various rugby games! 

Our trip to the Etihad Stadium!

What an amazing day we had!

After an amazing few weeks of doing English with Saul from City in the Community we finished off with a fantastic and very interesting trip to the Etihad Stadium!

We were able to ask lots of great questions and found out a lot of exciting things!