Monthly Archives: April 2017

Science Master Class!

Team 10 went to the MCMA to take part in a science master class! It was lots of fun conducting lots of different experiements to see if different materials were reversible or irreversible! We were also complimented on our brilliant behaviour and team work! Well done team 10!

Dance dance dance!

Another exciting danc session linking to our IPC topic ‘Mission to Mars’!

We have been learning lots of technical dance terms and incorporating them  into our dance routines! For example:

– gestures

– balances

– levels

– cannon

Different levels,

Walking in the sand storm,


Connecting shapes,

And balances!

Our very exciting visit from the Lord Mayor!

On Tuesday we had a very exciting and special visitor come into our school. The Lord Mayor came to Charlestown to give a motivational talk to our year six children. With a very important few weeks ahead of the year 6 children, it was very valuable for them to be able to find out about his amazing journey and ask him questions about his life. The Lord Mayor had lunch with the rest of the school, which was very exciting!